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Questions re COVID-19 and your business

Dear friends and clients:

We have received dozens of questions by phone, email and text message, asking how to navigate various issues in light of the pandemic and the many applicable laws.  While there can surely be consequences for violating certain laws, many are more concerned with the survival of their business – and rightfully so.  The attached PDF is intended to provide some guidance as you face the many challenges presented by this pandemic.  The attached is no substitute for proper legal advice and is far from comprehensive.  However, it contains some helpful links and it may help you to consider and understand some big picture concerns. 

Our firm is still operating but not nearly at full power.  Feel free to reach out with questions.  Things are changing every day.  We’ll do our best to provide timely responses. 

We are encouraged by many of our clients who are marching forward in innovative ways and we hope that necessity will inspire all of us to find ways to keep the economy moving.

Covid-19 Bulletin (PDF)

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