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Legal Services for Borrowers & Lenders Alike

Whether you're a developer looking for money to borrow or a business investor who has money to loan, Berger Harrison, APC can help make sure you're not taken for a ride. For developers, we vet your potential backers to make sure the funds you're expecting will be there when you need them. For investors, we help insulate you against project delays and shoddy workmanship. In both cases, helping our clients’ companies achieve their business objectives is our number one priority.

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Throughout the negotiation process - whether we're negotiating on behalf of the lender or the borrower - we will aggressively and efficiently craft a contract that is reasonable and secure. By leveraging available federal, state, and local tax incentives allotted to specific development projects, our Irvine real estate lawyers are often able to increase available capital while decreasing lender dependence.

Our legal services can aid:

  • Public and private corporations
  • Commercial developers
  • Commercial banks
  • Institutional lenders
  • International investors

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Because real estate developers in Southern California hail from all over the globe, it's crucial for your real estate lawyer to have a firm grasp of global markets. Good communication is also a key. At Berger Harrison, APC, we have long prided ourselves in our ability to quickly and clearly communicate to a broad range of businesses. It's one of the things that keeps so many of them coming back. Combined with our more than 25 years of experience, we are the team you can trust.

Understanding that the demands of large, development projects rarely constrain themselves to office hours, we make ourselves available on evenings and weekends as needed. We don't shield ourselves behind a fortress of receptionists. Our real estate attorneys are personally accessible to each and every client, and we're ready to roll our sleeves up and work.

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