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Property values in Orange County are among the highest in all the country. This makes Irvine and the surrounding region an attractive destination for high-end developers and businesses from across the globe. Of course, where there are great opportunities for reward, there are also great risks. The price of land and the cost of development can cut into profits dramatically. Even a single misstep can derail an entire project.

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At Berger Harrison, APC, our Irvine real estate attorneys work with developers and investors alike to help ensure that all their bases are covered. Though real estate risk can never be eliminated altogether, there are many ways to minimize its potential. From compliance and zoning to the structuring of complex, corporate contracts, our real estate and construction law attorneys know what to look for in virtually any development context.

We work with developers of:

  • Shopping centers
  • Housing developments
  • Office space
  • industrial space
  • Restaurants, theaters, and hotels

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There are plenty of attorneys in Irvine. Why choose Berger Harrison, APC? For starters, you'll find us a whole lot more accessible than most of our peers — on all sorts of levels. In fact, when you come into our office, you're more likely to find us wearing flip-flops than a shirt and tie. You won't find us hiding behind a group of receptionists. When you need us, we'll be there — evenings and weekends, too!

We work hard to communicate with each client and their business in terms that are clear and understandable. We realize that not everyone is in the real estate business; not everyone speaks legalese. We are aggressive where needed, but we're always mindful of budgetary limitations.

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