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Countless different factors go into the proper, safe, and durable construction of a building. Architects and construction professionals are expected to address all these factors and deliver structures are that are not just stylish and functional, but will be a return on the investment from the property owners. Construction defects can interfere with this return, interrupt the functionality of the building, and produce significant costs for the owners and investors.

If your commercial property was found have a construction defect, you may have legal options to seek compensation from those responsible. At Berger Harrison, APC, we know how significant a deterrent construction defects can be for those who own, operate, and invest in commercial properties. Our skilled Irvine construction defect lawyers know how to properly document these defects and bring compelling and decisive legal action against those accountable for them-- even if it means bringing them to litigation.

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Common Construction Defects

Construction defects can occur for any number of reasons. Some are a result of inferior building materials, others are produced due to lax craftsmanship or a diversion from best construction practices. Regardless of the cause, these defects are sure to compromise the integrity of the property, which is not always strictly a financial issue for property owners but a safety one, as well.

Some of the most common construction defects our firm has seen include:

  • Fire-stopping deficiencies
  • Facade leaks
  • Window leaks (and resulting mold)
  • Masonry/foundation defects
  • Structural defects (load bearing walls, steel reinforcement, etc.)
  • Building code violations
  • Faulty engineering

Representing Contractors, Developers & Suppliers

Additionally, Berger Harrison, APC also provides defense counsel to developers and construction professionals who find themselves in the middle of a construction defect dispute. Our decades of experience in this practice area allows us to provide exacting and formidable defense in these cases and ensure that our clients' side of the story receives every consideration it deserves before the law.

No matter what side of a construction defect dispute you and your business are on, Berger Harrison, APC is ready to provide thorough, hard-hitting counsel capable of securing the proper remedies. Contact us today.

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